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tv   Headline News  RT  August 4, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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but. u.s. private bradley manning faces a sentence of more than one hundred thirty years in prison after being found guilty of the biggest leak of classified data in american history. while the n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden receives temporary asylum in russia after five weeks stranded in a moscow airport. the last british prisoner held at guantanamo bay speaks out claiming guards carry out procedures that amount to sexual abuse according to critics such methods are designed to break the will. and live from our studios in moscow recapping the week's top story with our weekly
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program this is r.t. glad to have you with us. private bradley manning was found guilty of most of the charges that were laid against him he now faces a possible sentence of more than one hundred thirty years in jail for his massive leak of classified information the former intelligence analyst was however cleared of the most serious and controversial charge of aiding the enemy let's take a look at how the events on folded now bradley manning that was deployed to iraq in two thousand and nine half a year later he exposed to the world a video showing u.s. troops killing civilians in iraq his arrest in the following month didn't stop the revelations the iraq and afghanistan war logs as well as diplomatic cables were released by wiki leaks amid a blaze of publicity he faced twenty two charges including aiding the enemy which carries the death penalty the united nations said manning's confinement conditions were inhumane as he awaited the court martial which started in june but the judge didn't allow. a u.n.
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inspector to testify finally he was found guilty of nineteen of the charges against him with the leak seen as the biggest in u.s. history wiki leaks spokesperson kristinn hrafnsson believes manning's case will lead to even more confidential information seeing the light of day he is obviously facing a long time in prison especially when you think about how this trial has been carried out by a judge lind one is not filled with any optimism only last week. to allow the prosecution to change some of the charges on the last stage of the trial. the trial has been partly closed off to journalists who journalists have been intimidated we have seen that despite the way that bradley manning was treated. being tortured in prison in isolation in solitary confinement for almost a year it has not stopped whistleblowers and there are still brave people out there
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who act on their conscience and to with the public interest in mind we have seen no a new era beginning and an expansion of the limits of journalism over the years public support for bradley manning has a remained high with activists across the world demanding his release artie's more important i ask the people of new york what they think of manning situation. union square has been something of a stomping ground for bradley manning supporters in new york city you see over the years many rallies have been held here in honor of the army private first class intelligence analyst now manning has been found guilty of downloading and releasing confidential u.s. documents that subsequently disclosed illegal activity and crimes on the part of washington manning faces up to one hundred thirty six years in prison instead of telling you how the public is reacting to this news we're handing our microphone directly over to the citizens bradley manning didn't commit any crimes would be
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like is if you shot me and the camera man said hey i've got this footage of this crime and he. you know put it out there for justice and instead of trying you they try him and it doesn't make any sense it would appear to me that the manning verdict would be sending a message to edward snowden i'm sure he's listening. you know because it's a really similar situation and i think they're doing a good thing because the american people are basically enslaved and they're you know they're told what to do by the media and they follow orders if you look at the apache helicopter video which probably the most famous one. for the american public at least know what is actually going on in the war they're fighting all worth fighting at that point i just hope maybe somebody like obama. may be doing is the last leg news
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a lame duck president this size to blood money now although manning has been acquitted of aiding the enemy charges he may be punished for the rest of his life for presenting the american public with the truth reporting from new york for an up or nine our take. another american whistleblower edward snowden who managed to remain out of reach of u.s. prosecutors on thursday snowden entered russian territory after. saudis granted him temporary asylum the former n.s.a. contractor slipped out of the moscow airport where he had been in limbo without travel documents for over a month the papers he received allow him to move around freely and work in the country for the next year and while the whistleblowers whereabouts remain unknown parties will be friends recaps of the key moments of the snowden saga so far on sunday june twenty third when reports surface that the u.s. is newest whistleblower edward snowden was in russian airspace on a flight from his hong kong hideout every journalist knew the weekend was over and
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they all scurried here to section a i said to metro airport snowden and his wiki leaks advisor sarah harrison are a no show reporters found out that snowden and his advisors were due to be on a flight to cuba the next day so what did they do search around for the nearest hotel to get a good night's sleep before getting on that flight. june twenty fourth dawns the doors to the flight close seat seventeen is empty galleys and restrooms are searched the cargo hold is suspected a drinks trolley is found in business class hangovers are reported june twenty fifth president putin confirms that snowden is still in the transit area of the airport foreign minister sergei lavrov dismisses a u.s. request for extradition this stakeout continues because you just never know when he'll come out from hiding everyone with the press badge gets to know airport food courts and the coin operated massage chairs very well july second wiki leaks says
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snowden is seeking asylum in nineteen more countries including china cuba nicaragua venezuela and india. the next day at another airport this time in austria drama unfolds the president of bolivia his plane is forced to land on suspicion that snowden is on board the heat and the debate turns up on the heels of this bolivia nicaragua and venezuela make their offers of asylum well known denouncing the pressure exerted by america but one little problem remains getting to any of these destinations without falling into the hands of american law enforcement it was here on the second floor of terminal where snowden held a conference with human rights activists and with his advisors made the announcement that he was scared to fly not for heights and that he was thinking of asking russia for asylum video and photos make it out of that meeting and are quickly uploaded for our stories finally we have something to bring back to our
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newsrooms now the wait for the paperwork in this case a response to snowden scribbles on a blank sheet hey whatever works staff only this unassuming door here in the first floor of the terminal at the airport was headquarters july twenty fourth when everyone thought anatoly snowden's russian advisor would be bringing that very important piece of paper from immigration services allowing him to exit the airport instead all he brought were a bag of books some new clothes and a healthy dose of consolation for snowden and the journalists. until august first one crucial day now himself shows the press that fateful document making edward snowden free to travel through the russian federation until july thirty first two thousand and fourteen he says edward is gone and his lips are sealed. due to the fact that he's the most wanted person on planet earth today he would be concerned
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about the issue of security that includes questions of safety and the place where he was going to live that's all up to him as he was nowhere with consoled and advised him but on other. shoes it's up to him according to our sources when a plane from paris was emptying out he took a chance and jumped in to lend him. edward snowden had flown and and then walked out nearly announced much to our chagrin in moscow the frat party. london based legal expert alexander mecurio believes russia has operated within the letter of the law when dealing with snowden the russian authorities have been extremely careful to do this by the book they insisted on mr snowden making a problem application he's done it through a lawyer there is a well founded case here for asylum are not just person who says that an arrest international says it him and rights watch says it given that this is so the u.s.
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has no legal grounds to object to this now if the u.s. nonetheless wants to jeopardize its very important relationship with russia because russia has done something which it is legally fully entitle to do that is a decision for the u.s. but many people will i think feel that if the u.s. does that then the u.s. frankly is behaving in a very strange and self destructive way. russia granting asylum to the fugitive n.s.a. leaker it has sparked fury among lawmakers in washington one senator after another denounced the move and called on the white house to hit back at moscow or he's going to count his commentary. the moment edward snowden walked out of that moscow airport russia became the object of washington's wrath we heard calls for president obama to boycott the g. twenty summit in russia the president's press secretary said washington is quote
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unquote extremely disappointed with moscow's decision on snowden and that it undermines the growing cooperation between russian and u.s. security services certain members of congress used even harsher term senator chuck schumer said russia has stabbed us in the back and each day that mr snowden is allowed to roam free is another twist of the knife senator lindsey graham says americans in washington should consider this a game changer in our relationship with the bushes and john mccain goes it is a slap in the face of all americans we cannot allow today's action by put into a stand without serious repercussions of course for many politicians here attacking snowden and russia is much easier than defending the surveillance state the white house keeps repeating this mantra mr snowden is not a whistleblower he is accused of leaking classified information and has been charged with three fairly villany counts and he should be returned to the united states polls show the majority of americans actually disagree with the white house
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on whether or not mr snowden is a whistle blower they think it is so what else they disagree with a gallup poll shows fifty three percent of americans now disapprove of the government surveillance programs as opposed to thirty seven percent who approve another poll by the queen a parent university conducted just in the wake of snowden's revelations shows forty five percent of americans say the government's anti-terrorism efforts have gone too far we're striking civil liberties three years ago twenty five percent of americans thought so it's a massive shift in attitudes a shift that the lawmakers and the government can't ignore as much as they like to attack snowden his reverie. the white house on the defensive you can complain about big brother this is. a potential. program run amuck but when you actually look at the details then i think we've struck the right balance well let's look at some of those details from snowden we
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first learned about the prism program a system the n.s.a. uses to gain access to the private communications of users of nine popular net services the government said the n.s.a. does that only with a warrant from the fights a court snowden said the court merely rubber stamp such warrants and he revealed one such revealed one such secret court order for a telecommunications company to hand over its clients dead or in bulk the government has acknowledged the bulk collection of communications but said no one can look at the content of those communications without a warrant snowden said that's a lie this week the guardian relying on the documents that snowden had earlier provided has revealed details of a program that makes such warrantless snooping possible we learned about x. keyscore which allows to search through vast amounts of data collected by other programs snowden has leaked the n.s.a.'s training materials where the agency boasts that the program is the widest reaching system for developing intelligence from the
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net having sekret fights to screen or and his comfortable lifestyle snowden said he wanted to expose the government's lives in washington i'm going to check him. well still ahead for you this hour we'll be looking at what's in store for you iran's new president hassan rouhani took the oath of office in front of parliament on sunday that comes as the country may have to face up to new economic sanctions from the u.s. plus. to arm or not to arm we look at why some e.u. leaders are getting cold feet about sending weapons to the syrian opposition as we talk to one father whose son joined the rebels all that after a short break here on our. judges a sense on some. children the streets. their
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women kidnapped and converted to islam but. will there be another motives for the coaxing christians of egypt to the cross to. its future victims. the way of the cross. with. science technology innovation all the moves developments from around russia.
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the future covered. and welcome back you're watching the weekly here on our team the last british prisoner held at guantanamo bay says inmates undergo daily sexual assaults from prison guards shaker america described invasive searches including what he calls the get mole massage in a private conversation with his lawyer says that during the procedure an extradition team enters the cell and forces the detainee to the floor holding down his arms and legs the searches are carried out any time the prisoner wants to leave his cell to see or speak to a lawyer or a family member it is then repeated when the inmate returns it is believed to be a tactic to intimidate the detainees and stop them from seeking legal help as well as to break the ongoing hunger strike clive stafford smith the attorney representing shaker aamer says such searches are not enough to dent the resolve of
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the prisoners we have not raised it with the american courts that they shouldn't be doing this they shouldn't effectively be sexually assaulting the prisoners and it was the go to leave who first started using the term scruton if you leave it the they are she admitted this sort of thing and it's being done to try to intimidate prisoners out of talking to the lords so that unfortunately the truth would not come out of a babe in arms out that most of them are resisting has been going through this months and months and months now not a proud man in a way that you know his response to that is when he is even in his cell he starts singing you know both molly's songs new get up stand your rhythmix and the gods to show that he's not to be counted. r.g.s. to guantanamo authorities to responded to the claims of sexual assault a facility representative answered that they were unwilling to comment on such
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allegations were guard less of how ridiculous and absurd they might be. the new iranian president hassan rouhani has been sworn in before parliament a day after his election was endorsed by the country's supreme leader labeled as a moderate cleric rouhani one a june vote by promising to put an end to the country's international isolation over its nuclear energy program obama's administration officially congratulated the new leader of the islamic republic but despite the warm greetings the house of representatives earlier approved a bill toughening of the sanctions that are already strangling the country's economy it's now cross live to soraya support will rick who is an independent researcher and writer thank you very much for being with us as always on r.t. now with the arrival of this new leader just how much of a big change can we expect and iran's political course and its revelations to the rest of the world. and i think that mr rouhani will be able to unite the run ins
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which is good news for iran of course i am not only iranians inside of iran but the iranians who are and this will strengthen iran's hands in its negotiations and mr rouhani has been welcomed as a moderate and he is a very susan diplomat and the people that he has on his team in his cabinet namely job would say are outstanding iranian nationals but i think that there should not be the misconception that because he is the market he's reaching out and he wants to engage that he's willing to give up iran's rights that he's willing to forego the very close calls that are at the core of the islamic republic's policies so one can hope that the attitude toward iran will change but as you mentioned earlier already they were greeted at the new president with sanctions so clearly
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washington's policies are not going to change and regard as a how much mr president rouhani tries to reach out he can reach out to hand this is not there now about these sanctions just how effective are these pinotage measures in regards to iran. while unilateral sanctions are never very effective even international sanctions have failed to make iran come and they fail to bring iran to its knees if anything iran does get stronger i know the sanctions do hurt the people economically they're damaging at the same time if you think about it about thirty five years ago before the islamic revolution in iran it was dependent on the united states for everything not only not only goods and consumer goods weaponry military equipment but the person i. they claim that the military
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equipment in fact is so ionic because at the time even the iran war to its weapons and what have you from america did not have america's permission permission to build the single bullet for these very guidance so now iran has become it's not going to become totally independent organized after eight years of war and all the interference but it's become incredibly self-sufficient and has made a lot of strides and that is in part due to the sanctions so there are always the benefits of the sanctions but of course there are taking their toll on the people and their in their immoral. acceptable well the us and so they want a willing partnership with iran why are they so persistent in pushing for the sanctions i mean you mention that there is a good side but why is the us so demanding that they are tough on iran. i think that they're willing they're really telling iran did if you don't succumb to our
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will to what are dictates then harsher sanctions will follow suit and it's really a warning it's you know they say one thing they're speaking from the mouth they're saying this we're going to engage you we want to talk to you but at the same time they punish them and it's not just this sanctions something that's very very important to iran as it should be to any decent citizen of our globe in at the end towards the end of two thousand and twelve the united states delisted a terrorist cult and after mr rouhani was elected the same cult they want to hit in a huddle in paris they were holding a conference and european parliamentarians and many prominent american former and current leaders were kowtowing to that to a woman that is leading a cult and these people have killed not only many prominent iranians they killed even americans and this. i did with saddam hussein when saddam hussein attacked
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iran so to think for a moment of the americas genuine reaching out to iran it's being naive and i think that president rouhani. is certainly too too well informed to season two to two think this america has iran's good will it well about europe you are talking about europe a little bit earlier london was one of the few countries that was actually invited to the inauguration in london refuse what do you think about this. well i think that you can always try and reach out to people i think at times you willing to put behind you. what why what has come to pass and horse in england is behind many of you wants problems not only in one nine hundred fifty three coup but after the revolution and to be honest with you i don't quite understand why iran would have sent an invitation to london again and not say to the united states because to me they're both one and the same i mean they do carry
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the same policies towards iran and many other countries in the region are kind of an interesting development saudi arabia banned the sudanese president's plane from crossing into their airspace kind of an interesting situation there why do you think that they would stop a sudanese president from going to tehran. well i think historically saudi arabia has been iran's rival more importantly than that and it's aside from the fact that saudi arabia serves the united states and israel and carrots at their orders in the region and saudi riff should there ever be peace with iran. coming from the west it would really threaten saudi arabia and aside from that saudi arabia has a lot of interests in sudan it's got millions of farmland that the park is basically buying the country and buying its land buying its water it's throwing money there and of course it's not going to like the president of a country that it feels some ownership to to go to you ron
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a rival and recent right will so i think maybe that has something to do with it too you think this is going to signal how riyadh going to deal with their neighbors in the region basically working through the united states and israel. it always has it has done for years and years and i think feels very secure for as long as they can be of service to the united states and any time i mean in the past even when when. a country in the region has been destroyed upon its session in lebanon two thousand and six so do eat is anyone to our scene and rebuilt and in fact savvy arabia benefits from war and conflict in the region so there's no reason for them to change and this is smart enough to know that down the line is that to be there or that they're not going to be accepted no has how hard they work for israel and america no matter how steep whose house and how well they carry out through or do
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isn't work with them dave will not be one of and eventually. their time will come to they're not smart all right appreciate your thoughts on the subject soraya support for it thank you very much for being with us independent writer and researcher here on r.t. thank you thank you. well the unofficial deadline passed up for the e.u. to take a decision on whether to arm the syrian rebels but it appears some european countries are already deeply involved in the conflict that says citizens of member states are lining up to join the fight against damascus and the scale appears to be vast french officials said that in nine years of conflict in afghanistan only fifteen jihadists left the country to fight meanwhile in syria's case more than one hundred people have gone there from france in one year alone according to some experts in most cases they joined al qaeda and other terror groups the total number of
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europeans who have left to fight in the syrian war is believed to be now over six hundred dimitri one tense whose son joined a jihadist forces in syria told us his story. but i still want to hold on to it friends with muslim brothers when they became eighty and there's nothing wrong with that to go holiday discover the walls you know and after. that they may send those much as though there's in cairo that they give him money that they give him a scholarship that pay money to study to continue this study of this muslim religion and sufism you know but i didn't trust it i had the feeling that something was going wrong i start to discover every day thousand pictures and videos of syria and one day i recognize my own son in a video with other belgian guys this am is we're standing above all these children from the west not only from the west but many of the young guys from all over the walls they are using this young children well coming up we look at the tough
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changes for egyptian coptic christians since the ousting of former president hosni mubarak stay with us you're watching r.t. . wow revolutions in the middle east sure get a great deal of coverage what you don't mix a lot of sense revolutions or exciting t.v. peaceful protests or nice but footage of moloch tough cocktails flying and crazed crowds of local middle easterners really grab attention so there's a logical next reason why some protest movements get a lot of coverage in the mainstream media well others kind of adult please forgive me for being conspiratorial but there is one revolution going down which does have all the exciting visuals of the arab spring but just doesn't get any of the mainstream coverage in fact unarmed people in this country recently stormed the parliament trapping ministers and lawmakers with that they held them down for eight
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hours demanding the government resign until police with shields smash their way through creating a narrow corridor through which the officials could escape now that sounds like exciting and visual news but why did you hear about it all over the mainstream press that's because it didn't happen in libya or egypt or any other exotic country but in good old vogue area right in the e.u. where u.s. and e.u. interests are best served by the status quo being maintained there is no need to hype up an intervention or kinetic action in bulgaria the only time you ever hear about the need for a crackdown in bulgaria is when a government there actually started working in bulgaria own interests and not the us desires but the shift my opinion.


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